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The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

ensuring quality complementary and alternative healthcare of choice

Lodge a Complaint

Should you wish to lay an official complaint against any practitioner/therapist registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South (AHPCSA), the following complaints procedure is provided for information purposes:

1. The AHPCSA is required by law to process complaints in a specific manner and procedure;

2. The relevant excerpt from the 1983 Regulations to the Act reads as follows:

The manner in which a complaint, charge or allegation shall be lodged against a practitioner or student -
12. A complaint or charge or allegation of improper or disgraceful conduct against a practitioner or student shall be in writing, in the form of an affidavit, addressed to the registrar by the person lodging it, and setting forth the conduct in question, and such complainant shall be prepared, if so requested, to give oral evidence in support of his complaint at a disciplinary inquiry before the board or a committee of the board.
13. The complaint, charge or allegation and any accompanying document shall be submitted to the chairman, who shall then direct the registrar –
(a) to call for further information from the complainant;
(b) to forward to the accused copies of the documents received from the complainant or to inform the accused of the nature of such complaint or charge or allegation, calling upon him for a written explanation and warning him that such explanation may be used in evidence against him during a disciplinary inquiry which may allow;

(c) to refer the matter to the board.

3.   Due legal process is required;

4.  In summary, the process is as follows:
a.   The Chairperson of the relevant Professional Board will review the complaint and will usually direct that the respondent be requested to reply to the matter as per Section 13 (b) above;
b.    The complaint will be sent to the respondent and he/she has a period of time in which to reply;
c.    Once the reply has been received, or even if no reply is received, the matter will be referred to the full Professional Board for consideration;
d.   The Professional Board will revert to the Registrar, through the Chairperson, with their decision and the matter will then proceed accordingly;
e.   The time frame for completion of this process varies as the Professional Board may, through the Chairperson, request further information.

5.  Kindly formulate your complaint into a comprehensive and substantial affidavit and sign such before a Commissioner of Oaths (nearest SAPS office to your home would probably be the most convenient);

6.  Provide the Registrar with the affidavit by scanning and emailing, followed by sending the hard copy by registered post to the postal address as follows: The Registrar, AHPCSA, Private Bag X28, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040.

7.  Kindly note that you must also be prepared to testify should the matter proceed to a disciplinary inquiry;

8.  Further, the AHPCSA appreciates that you would wish to resolve the matter speedily, but should the AHPCSA not follow the correct legal route (bearing also in mind that certain provisions in the Allied Health Professions Act may possibly conflict with the Constitution), any sanction will be dismissed on appeal, should this be challenged procedurally;

9.  Any sanction imposed on any person by the AHPCSA may be appealed, this being the legal right of such person.

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